Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning
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Insurance is a big part of retirement planning. Whether it is to protect your health, your life, or your assets, insurance tools may be needed.

Effective retirement plans MUST consider Health insurance, Medicare, Long-term Care, Nursing Home, Home Health Care, Chronic Illness care.

Health care costs rise faster than most other costs of living and we take that seriously. Dolphin Financial Group includes an insurance agency - Dolphin Insurance Inc., with expertise in insurance solutions to fit your need.

Insurance Strategies

Managing Healthcare Costs

Health care costs are one of the largest expenditures during retirement. We assist with the review and selection of insurance products such as Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Long-term Care, & Home Health Care

Protecting You Family

The loss of a loved one can lead to financial problems if not handled in advance. To help replace income, prevent financial strain, and/or leave a legacy we use life and disability insurance.

Working for Health Insurance

A discussion on why some people delay retirement because of healthcare costs


How much will healthcare cost in retirement?

We know that healthcare costs are a big part of retirement and we know those costs are rising. When we build our retirement plans, we incorporate healthcare planning. While we can't know what health care situations will arise in the future, we certainly can make sure plans are in place to cover those expenses.

Which health insurance or Medicare plan is right for me?

We have licensed insurance agents with experience helping people choose health insurance from the many local insurance companies. This includes Medicare Advantage HMO/PPOs, Medicare Supplements, and Federal Marketplace insurance, and Major Medical plans for those not on Medicare yet.

How will I pay for long-term care?

As people are living longer, the potential to need some form of long-term care assistance (home health care, assisted living, nursing home) has gone up. It is critical to understand the potential need for care, the costs of care, and the ways to pay for such care. We help people understand how to protect against the financial strain Long Term Care can put upon a retirement plan and include the use of all tools, including "hybrid" insurance options outside of traditional long-term care insurance.

Do I really need life insurance in retirement?

Life insurance is usually associated with younger, working families. However, life insurance can play a big role during retirement, particularly for objectives such as income replacement after the death of a spouse, to pay off debts carried into retirement, or to create a legacy for the next generation. Part of our retirement planning process includes reviewing existing life insurance policies and making sure they are purposeful and financially suitable during retirement.


Insurance plays an important role in retirement planning

We incorporate insurance planning into every retirement plan. Whether you need help with protecting income with disability insurance or need a comprehensive healthcare plan for you and/or your family, we will help you choose. We assist with all types of insurance including Medicare MAPD, Medicare Supplements, Long-term Care, Disability, Affordable Care Act Plans, HMO/PPO, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance.

Health Insurance

Regardless of your age, you need to have proper medical insurance to avoid financial catastrophe resulting from a medical situation.

Disability Insurance

For those who need to replace their income in case of a medical event while employed, we help navigate the disability insurance options.

Life Insurance

One of the most effective ways to replace income as a result of death or to leave a legacy is through the use of life insurance.

Get expert help with insurance

Navigating the insurance world can be tricky. Meet with a licensed insurance broker who is experienced integrating insurance options into retirement planning.

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