Retirement Income Planning

Clearwater and Tampa Bay Florida

The core of our business is creating inflation adjusted income streams to last through your entire retirement. All too often people get caught up in the amount of assets they have rather than the level of income those assets can generate.


Some people want to work until they die. But, most people want to be in a position where they work because they "want to" not because they "have to." The key to retiring when you want is to keep the money flowing in, even after you stop working. We help people turn their "nest egg" into an income stream during retirement.

Retirement Income Strategies

Matching Income To Lifestyle

We work to create income plans based on the lifestyles chosen by each client. We create baseline income adjusted for future changes such as inflation

Don't Outlive Your Money

Income is great, assuming it lasts as long as you do. A retirement income plan should never "run out of money." We discuss longevity and the pros/cons of creating lifetime guaranteed income.

Keys To Income Planning

You'll learn seven key factors to address when designing a retirement income plan that will withstand the financial stresses and strains of retirement.


How much income will I need to live the retirement lifestyle I want?

One of the first steps in retirement planning is to determine what your lifestyle (and associated expenses) will be like. This baseline income can then be calculated and adjustments for future changes such as inflation can be factored into the retirement income plan. We work to create income plans based on the lifestyles chosen by each client.

Will I outlive my money?

Income is great, assuming it lasts as long as is needed. The main difficulty with creating a retirement income plan that will not result in "running out of money" is that the timeline is unknown. When will the client pass away? We discuss longevity and the pros/cons of creating lifetime guaranteed income.

How do I keep up with inflation?

Inflation can destroy the purchasing power of a future income stream. Therefore, it is important to factor inflation into retirement plans. Future income should increase to at least match the expected rate of inflation.

How do I budget for 20 or 30 years from now?

People are living longer, so it is imperative to consider retirement lasting longer than traditionally expected. By discussing longevity from the outset, an income plan can be designed to last for 35 years versus 15 years. Future increases in costs due to inflation must also be considered.

What happens if I run into a financial emergency?

A retirement income plan is not complete without an emergency fund. It is critical that this emergency fund is built into the plan at the outset and is maintained throughout retirement.


Income Plans serve as the foundation of retirement planning

Our clients receive a detailed income plan outlining cash flow during retirement. The purpose of this Retirement Income Plan is to provide comfort in knowing where and when income will be coming from during retirement. The income plan is perhaps the most critical part of a successful retirement.

Income Projections

Provides a year-to-year look at your various income streams throughout retirement. Projects shortfalls or surpluses compared to your income goals.

Asset Allocation

An outline of how your assets are allocated in order to generate the necessary retirement income. Shows which assets are generating income each year.

Portfolio Details

Account balances for each asset are projected based on income withdrawals, inflation, and growth. Projects what your assets will be worth in the future.

Build Your Custom Income Plan

Take the first step toward owning your detailed Retirement Income Plan based on your specific retirement goals. It starts with our short 11 question assessment.