Social Security Maximization

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Specific strategies to get the most out of Social Security

Social Security represents a large part of retirement income. Getting the most out of Social Security makes financial sense.

Social Security is far more complicated than most people realize. The decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime. We provide innovative strategies for maximizing your benefits.

Social Security Strategies

Spousal Strategies

For those that are currently married or have been married at some point, there are specific Social Security strategies available. This even applies to those who have been divorced or widowed. Our process factors in all current and past marriages to maximize Social Security benefits.

Break Even Analysis

For many people, Social Security decisions become a complex math equation. We use software to help determine the "break-even" or length of time it will take for different decisions to pay off. For some people, our Social Security Maximization report is all it takes to feel comfortable with this lifetime decision.

When to claim Social Security

The importance of Social Security in retirement planning and tips for getting the most out of Social Security.


When should I apply for Social Security?

When to claim Social Security is a decision that will last a lifetime, make sure your decision is informed. There is no specific answer, although many people claim Social Security at 62 (as soon as possible). The only way to truly answer this question is to use our dynamic Social Security Maximization software and apply the results to your specific situation.

How can I maximize my benefits?

There are several strategies one can use to get more out of Social Security over their lifetime. The key is knowing if those strategies apply to your situation. A big factor in maximizing benefits is coordination with a spouse (current, former, or deceased). Additional benefits can also be obtained through a "Restricted Beneficiary" strategy in certain situations. The only way to truly answer this question is to use our dynamic Social Security Maximization software and apply the results to your specific situation.

Will Social Security be enough to live on in retirement?

The difference between what Social Security provides and what amount of income you need to live your chosen retirement lifestyle is known as the "Income Gap." Determining your income gap is part of the retirement planning process. Normally, Social Security benefits fall far short of the actual income need, creating massive income gaps. If that is your situation, then creating a Retirement Income Plan is of critical importance.


Social Security Maximization Report

Our maximization report provides the specific details people need to make informed decisions about Social Security. It is customized based on the specific information of each client or couple. The report will provide several different detailed scenarios on how and when to claim Social Security to get the most financial benefit from the program.

Claiming Options

The report will list the details for several different claiming options including filing early, at full retirement age, waiting until age 70, or using the maximized strategy.

Break-even Analysis

The report provides detailed charts showing the break-even point for each of the various strategies available based on your situation.

Income Gap

Sometimes Social Security income isn't enough to cover retirement expenses. Our report outlines this gap between your income goals and what income Social Security will provide

Get the most out of Social Security

When you file for Social Security is a lifetime decision and should not be take lightly. Use our software to create your own customized Social Security Maximization Report.

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